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Fast and Careful Shipping

Our pickers pack your orders throughout the day. Our goal is to minimize your waiting time so that you can enjoy your new charging station as soon as possible.

We offer different delivery services, although we cannot guarantee delivery times, we always put a special care on the quality of packaging to facilitate the work of your delivery agent.

Charging stations, chargers for electric vehicles, charging cables, portable chargers and charging accessories: shipping details


Most of our non-customizable products are ready to ship.


We always pack with the utmost care.


The delivery is carried out by our specialized partners.


You can enjoy your brand new station.


Some of our customized products are produced on demand

We have a large stock for many items. However, some products allow you for example to choose a custom length of cable, it is then finalized in our workshops which can lengthen the shipping time of your order.
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